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The other day I was thinking what if I could create something that basically got rid of the blogging feature of WordPress. I’m not against blogging (I’m blogging right now) but for some use cases it doesn’t make sense. I don’t like being forced to put blogging features into my themes. My focus is on business themes, blogging isn’t something I think most businesses want to do.

But what can you do. As long as there is the Posts menu in the wp admin you have to at least provide minimal blog styling and such. But what if the theme could decide whether or not they wanted to support blogging. Removing the blogging features of WordPress isn’t a new idea. There are several plugins that already do this, but I don’t think this makes sense as a plugin. To me it makes more sense for the theme to decide which WordPress features it wants to support.

I took a stab at this. I took underscores and removed all the blogging bits as well as added a file that unhooks all the blogging specific parts of the WordPress admin (menu items, widgets, etc). If you’ve never used WordPress before you wouldn’t even know it supported blogging. It’s actually quite amazing how many menus you can remove if you don’t support blogging.

If you are interested in building blog free themes check out the project on github.

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